Stop Submitting False DMCA Claims About Cradle View

To who it may concern,

you have been redirected to this page because you are submitting false DMCA claims against our site: තොටිල්ලේ දර්ශනය ( – it is completely illegal to do this, as abusing the copyright system in the USA and other American and European countries where local & international copyright law applies is against the law.

Submitting false DMCA claims against companies or individuals is illegal and morally wrong.

You can only submit a DMCA claim on ගූගල් or via another 3rd parties if your (or the copyright holder you represent) content has been stolen and found on our site.

If the content is not present on a selected page or post, you cannot submit a DMCA takedown request. This is not only completely morally wrong, but also illegal and unethical.

You have been redirected to this page because of your repeated abuse of the copyright system and the ගූගල් සහ Google ad sense copyright system.

Continuing to falsely submit these claims will result in තොටිල්ලේ දර්ශනය and it’s parent company taking legal action against your company in the form of a counter notification or other legal dispatch in order to counter the false claims you are propagating to our site.

Obviously you are acting on behalf of a 3rd party, and are not actually the copyright holder, which makes sense. However, this does not give you, or the copyright holder you represent, a license to falsely submit claims about our site.

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දැන්වීම් අවහිර කරන්නා අනාවරණය විය!

ඔබ දැන්වීම් අවහිර කිරීමට දිගු භාවිතා කරන බව අපි හඳුනාගෙන ඇත. අපි අපගේ අන්තර්ගතයෙන් 99% ක් නොමිලේ පිරිනමන්නෙමු, ඔබ අපගේ වෙබ් අඩවිය භාවිතා කරන අතරතුර කරුණාකර ඔබේ දැන්වීම් අවහිර කරන්නා ක්‍රියා විරහිත කරන්න. ඔබට ස්තුතියි.

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